Re: Nat board support (2015+)

    On 12/22/16, Kristi wrote:
    > On 5/13/16, LLee wrote:
    >> On 3/08/16, Elizabeth Davis wrote:
    >>> On 6/15/15, Adriana wrote:
    >>>> Hello, I'm starting my national board process, with mod 2,
    >>>> differentiation, and am looking for others who would like
    >>>> to join a cohort so we can understand, plan, and discuss
    >>>> our unique content area and modules...scv@count.com
    >>> I am looking back through the archives of teachers.net. Where
    >>> are you in the process? Did you stick with it? I have
    >> completed
    >>> 1 and 2. I am currently working on 3.
    >> I am also working on my National Board. I just completed
    >> Component 3 and will be taking my Component 1 in a couple
    >> weeks, which I am little worried about since I have no idea
    >> what to study. Next year I am doing Component 2 and 4. I would
    >> love to join a cohort as well!
    > Has anyone started work on Component 4? I'm trying to brainstorm
    > ideas for this component!