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INFORMATION TO SHARE WITH YOUR CONTACTS (note application deadlines in 2nd paragraph for full HS study abroad scholarships)

The local AFS Team has a neat 16 year old male exchange HS student from Columbia who needs a replacement home. He loves soccer, is a good student with very good English. Do you know of some folks with whom you could share this information ASAP? Contact Katie Sullivan for more information at or 646-381-3319. He may go to anywhere in the USA where he can have an AFS liaison, an accepted HS and loving host.

A message for HS students who wish to study abroad on full scholarships in 2023. ( 2023 graduates may go as a gap year. ) Application deadlines are approaching.Go to and see the YES, NSLI-Y and CBYX ones. One may apply using the same application for the YES and NSLI. The application deadlines are near. They also have a stipend each month one is on program. Locally, contact Becky Heywood at 6...See More

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