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I am currently a Master's degree college student in a School Library Media program, and I am debating on the subject of whether a school library media specialist should have teaching experience prior to becoming a SLMS.

I am looking for viewpoints from those who were teachers before becoming a SLMS and those that are now a SLMS and had no prior teaching experience.

The Question:

Should teaching certification/experience be a pre- requisite to the SLM profession? Why, or why not?

Thank you in advance for your responses!

Susan Kempel Yes, a school library media specialist needs teaching experience. As an undergraduate, you will learn the theories and methods of instructing students. You will be given practice in using those techniques and designing your own lessons. As a school librarian, most of your activities will include some kind of teaching. You may teach an entire class ...See More
Nov 23, 2015
Yes! Dear Lequinta, In Washington State the WAC language was updated last year to change our job title from "Library Media Specialist" to "Teacher Librarian" for the reasons already listed in the other response. As well, a solid foundation in child development is also important. I plan my lessons using the same standards and curricul...See More
Nov 30, 2015

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