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By the end of the 1st grade an average student should quickly and accurately perform the four basic operations on rational numbers up to 999 decillions (11 commas) at a speed of no less than 1 digit per second with 100% accuracy. Teachers attain these results will also be able to have children multiplying and dividing by 2-digit numbers before mid terms as well as solving fractions involving order of operations in one unknown (x or y) by spring break with Cartesian representation of results. Counting ducks won't help much.

Transfer of knowledge methodology is the key to this and the result will be national testing scores close to NEAP 500 by 4th grade. Being a subject matter expert is a fundamental requirement but it can be replaced easily by having a good curricular guide.

Knowing how to teach efficiently and effectively is the key to success. The core curriculum is an obsolete standard that remains dominant due to scalar problems accompanying large organizations. T...See More
Jose Errata: Paragraph 1 line 4: attain should be attaining.
Aug 17, 2018

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