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hi all, I work at an after school program-and have for about 2 1/2 years- at my local elementary school. It's K-5, and about 45-60 kiddos. I'm also going to school for elementary education. I've got lesson plans down, but I've had a hard time with classroom management. The specific challenges I have are the sheer number of students, and the fact that the program has to take place in the cafeteria. My 3rd-5th graders also seem to think that since its technically not school time, they can do whatever they want, especially since I'm the "nice one" compared to my co workers. In the past, my supervisor has simply addressed the issues with parents, but for many, it's a chronic problem, and even parent involvement doesn't help. I see a lot of good classroom management ideas on Pinterest, but I'm not quite sure how to adapt them to suit my group or individual situations. Anybody have any tips, ideas, etc? Thanks
Linda Hi Mariah, Classroom management is one of the top challenges for every teacher. Suzanne Capek Tingley, a veteran teacher, has written several articles about this topic since during her career, she had a lot of experience in this department working with both high school and middle school students--as well as difficult parents. As a matter of fact, s...See More
Jan 19, 2018

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