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Hi Mentor teachers: I have a class assignment due next week to interview a teacher (special or general ed) about the process of identifying children with special needs in early childhood (up through 3rd grade). I'm new to chatboards so I'm not sure of exactly how this works. I am posting the assignment as well as my e-mail address below. Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!!! email: Use at least 1 practicum hour to interview a school psychologist and/or school employee who are involved in the process of identifying children with special needs. Include the following: 1. What is the identification process for birth to preschool and kindergarten to third grade? 2. What are the assessments used for identification? 3. What is the family involvement and role in the process? 4. What resources are available to families? 5. What instructional and assistive technology is used? 6. What is the student placement model for the school/district? 7. What ...See More

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