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Just curious. Does anyone do science fair anymore? If you do, how do you do it, by assigning it to be done at home (which, in my experience means mom and dad and uncle joe the engineer do it) or by doing it in class or at school? My biggest hangup with science fair projects is that, usually, the students do not do them or don't learn much from them or BOTH. They create a fair amount of trauma, usually generated by "helicopter" parents who obsess over them and get overly involved.
men52 Bill: My grandkids' school required this for 6th grade. This school has always been a huge STEM oriented district due to having a large public university with like emphasis.

The kids had to a lot of the work at home(doing the actual experiment, collecting the materials needed for the display and doing the finishing touches on the display),...See More
Jul 14, 2017
bill T/Fl thanks for your response. Ive done a fair amount of judging in science fairs and I can usually tell, right off, whether the child actually did the project and the research themselves or if uncle Joe, the chemical engineer did it for them. I make a point of asking about their process and where their idea came from. Had some participants who didn't e...See More
Jul 14, 2017

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