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This is my 40th year of teaching middle school. I began my career at Bucyrus Middle School in Ohio for 11 years, then moved to Bradenton, FL where I've taught at Martha B. King Middle School for the past 29 years. Let me share with you my creation for helping with class management.

I was forever getting surprised by the bell. You know what I mean...you've lost track of time and the bell rings. I've created a program to run on a pc running Windows that keeps track of the time for me. It has a large digital clock and right below it, the number of minutes left in the period. Depending on your teaching method, you can set it up to play a tune (alarm) with 1, 2, or 3 minutes before the bell. I have my clock play the alarm with 1 minute left. My class rule: with 1 minute left, students may pack up and stand next to their seats until I dismiss them. Some of the many teachers on my campus using The Clock give them a bit more time. It's totally up to the teacher.

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tjbteach This is excellent, I am just a substitute, but one of my biggest disadvantages is knowing the time per hour and keeping track of time management to stay on task with required lesson. I don't know if I will be able to down load, but what a great idea!
Nov 15, 2017
Stephenteacher Classroom management is a requirement, especially in MS. You have to start early in the year..on day one. It is really being organized and running a class smoothly from opening bell to dismissal. It's not classroom discipline, but it's a partner. Here are some great tips here http://teachersindex.com/classroommanagement.html
Aug 7, 2018

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