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Hi all,

New to this forum and hope to get some important, insightful information. I have taught 20 years in the HS classroom, but recently looking into teaching Middle school. Any advice? I have also entertained the idea of teaching in the elementary grade level, but my focus is mostly on the MS classroom.

Thank you!

hsteacher Avoid middle school. They are the worst ages! Nothing to be gained. I taught middle school for a long time. So happy I left it for teaching high school.
Apr 10, 2018
Richard hsteacher. But you taught for a 'long time.' How long and why did you remain as long as you did? Thank you. Richard
Apr 11, 2018
hsteacher I only stayed as long as I did because it was a cushy position in every respect except badly behaved kids. I would have left earlier but I was looking for a high school that I felt would be a safe move, as there are so many variables when you change schools and therefore it is generally risky. Why do you want to leave hs teaching? One advantage of ...See More
Apr 11, 2018

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