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My family and I are looking to relocate and I am an elementary music teacher. I've always been at the same school. When does the hiring season begin? Do I need to wait until jobs are posted or can I submit my packet to districts we are interested in? I am curious to hear from those who have gone through this transition. (We are moving to a new state.)

Thank you.
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Michele Typically the hiring season starts as early as January around here. I would think a letter of interest letting them know that you are relocating with a link to a professional portfolio might be the way to go early on. Then, start filling in online applications :) The online applications you can fill out anytime and then just update with a job numbe...See More
Sep 23, 2015
Math Teach Why assume that it's too late even for this year?

I've gotten long term sub jobs (which pay step one on the pay scales) several times, as late as December. Teachers sometimes leave (maternity or otherwise) even Mid-Year. Some "regular" positions start in October or November, sometimes being covered by administration personnel. ...See More
Sep 25, 2015
DonnaR/CA On 9/25/15, Math Teach wrote: > Why assume that it's too late even for this year?

I agree with the PP - in years past, we hired for a teacher who retired at the Winter Break, and for another one who went on maternity leave. If you were special ed qualified (rather than Music), we're hiring right now.

That said -- my district wo...See More
Sep 25, 2015
Thanks everyone (no text) :)
Sep 28, 2015
At first I didn't understand what it was about, but then I remembered that usually teachers are looking for work in the summer so as to be in time for the beginning of the new school year. I'm not a teacher, but I found a vacancy at I think that there are many good proposals here for any profession, and rega...See More
Nov 9, 2021

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