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I have a kindergarten class that has been a rough one since the beginning of the year, but I had a handle on it until sometime in January. I've tried my tricks and I'm not making any progress. They're a pretty low-achieving group compared to our other Ks, and there are a good number of kids with attention issues (more than the normal K attention issues!) who can get disruptive at times. I feel like I have to stand on my head to get and keep their attention. We sat down and had a talk during class today and they were attentive and seemed ready to turn this ship back around. I'm wondering if any of you have some tried-and-true, fast-paced, SIMPLE ideas that I can use with them next week to help them to be successful. Things that require more than a sentence or two of explanation aren't going to work with this bunch. They're more like pre-K than K, with the exception of about 4 very bright ones who are getting bored. Thanks for your suggestions!
Erin Unfortunately, I don't have suggestions for you, but wanted to tell you that I'm in the same boat! We have 15 boys and 5 girls in each K class and it is a challenge. I felt the tides turned in January as well and even lining up is a challenge. I'm hoping you get some good advice - I could use it too :)
Mar 13, 2017

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