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i'm pretty self conscious about my size and wish I didn't have to stand with my back to the audience to conduct my elementary choir. Men are lucky, they can just wear a suit. My kids usually perform in jeans and their choir shirts (black), I think I should be a little more dressed up than that epecially for choir competition. Just wondering if any of you ladies have found the perfect conducting outfit that you feel comfortable in. I never know whether to wear slacks or a dress - can't really see myself from the back. lol
Garland/GA Kimonos are in right now, or a shirt with an overlay of some sort.
May 16, 2017
Delwyn I like to wear a dress at knee length - no shorter, especially on a stage. I think it is important to wear black and something not too showy because after all it is about the children not the conductor. A dress is better for a bigger size than trousers. A jacket over is good too.
May 24, 2017

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