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Hello all! In a couple of weeks, I will begin my first classroom music teaching position. I have tried to cover all of my bases, but just wanted to reach out to ensure that I have everything I need to help my year run as smoothly as possible. Does anyone have any helpful hints regarding preparation of items/procedures needed for a music classroom? I appreciate all input!
Charlotte Procedures for EVERYTHING! Coming in, what to do upon entry, how to take out instruments/books/materials, holding instruments ready before playing, how you will get their attention, classroom management plan, etc.

I wish someone had told me before my first year that I really had to KNOW my procedures for every little thing. It would have s...See More
Aug 2, 2017
bec Have your rules and procedures posted, have a plan if disciplinary action is required, and a plan to reward good behavior. (my kids loved to earn 5 minutes of free choice at the end of class). I just found a really good book my Michael Linsin - about classroom management for specials teachers. It is really helpful in many areas. My two cents is to ...See More
Aug 18, 2017
Lis Ditto all the above. Also, go over the rules/consequences at the beginning of each class for the first two or three lessons so that they have no excuse for not knowing the rules. Then if ANYbody does break a rule, quickly give the consequence you have set up but without any show of emotion. Do not spend any time on the consequence with the child, j...See More
Aug 30, 2017

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