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I have an idea for helping my students learn to read music faster, that seems so obvious that it must have been done before, but I haven't been able to find it, so I'm hoping that someone here can point me to this before I go out and spend the time making it myself. The idea is to create "flash cards" that, instead of the boring one-note-at-a-time cards, (which makes one not want to use flash cards at all!) each card has a few notes that create a recognizable, fun, or interesting phrase. For example, one card might have the famous four-note (or eight if you like) theme from Beethoven's fifth, etc. (And as a bonus, the flip side of the card could "level up", having a more complex version of the same thing ... a bit tricky with Beethoven's fifth, since I think that it really is just 4/8 plain notes! :-)

Aside from being more fun than flash cards, and more random than repeated practice of the same thing (which leads to finger fluency, but isn't so useful for sight-reading practi...See More
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