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I have an idea for helping my students learn to read music faster, that seems so obvious that it must have been done before, but I haven't been able to find it, so I'm hoping that someone here can point me to this before I go out and spend the time making it myself. The idea is to create "flash cards" that, instead of the boring one-note-at-a-time cards, (which makes one not want to use flash cards at all!) each card has a few notes that create a recognizable, fun, or interesting phrase. For example, one card might have the famous four-note (or eight if you like) theme from Beethoven's fifth, etc. (And as a bonus, the flip side of the card could "level up", having a more complex version of the same thing ... a bit tricky with Beethoven's fifth, since I think that it really is just 4/8 plain notes! :-)

Aside from being more fun than flash cards, and more random than repeated practice of the same thing (which leads to finger fluency, but isn't so useful for sight-reading practi...See More
Garland/GA Check teacherspayteachers
Lis Hi, Garland! No, I haven't seen what you are speaking of however, if your kids are that advanced you could do cards with notes that spell words...? Like EGG, FACE, etc. That's probably not what you were looking for, but it might help them read faster. Lis
Jan 26
Lis Also, you can play Around the World with the one-note flashcards. Students sit in a circle. One student stands behind their neighbor and the teacher flashes the first card for those two students. Whoever says the note name first wins that round and moves down to stand behind the next student. It is a fast moving game and everybody has to pay attent...See More
Chrisi.Fischer It is easy to make the card with the notes on it, I recommend making the cards with all quarters, all halves, all eighths, etc, Then advancing on to mixing the rhythms, make sure they are simple rhythms. Also make sure that the students have rests in there. I hope this helped!
Apr 29

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