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Hey friends,

I'm a new teacher in the Boston area teaching at a community music school on Saturday mornings. My students are aged 7 to 12, and I'm running into a problem I really wasn't expecting for this age group--many of my students are reticent to participate in activities.

I begin every class with some sort of a warm-up activity, ice-breaker, or team-building game. I do this because I feel that if I get the kids up and moving first thing in the morning, they feel more energized and are more able to focus once we begin rehearsal.

What it looks like to me, however, is that my students seem to find my activities to be too juvenile or embarrassing, and they see themselves as entirely too cool to engage in class. This is true of students even on the young end of this spectrum.

I was wondering if anyone either 1.) had any tips for breaking down those barriers so that students could feel free to participate in class or 2.) had an idea of activities t...See More
Lis Hey, Lucas. I know it's been a while since you posted your comment and I hope you have found solutions to the problem. I've experienced the same thing many times throughout my years of teaching. It's gotten worse in the last years because of all the different things students are exposed to. The best advice I can give is to try to make sure whatever...See More
Feb 13, 2019

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