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Hello, everybody.

I have been asked to provide a general music class for students at my charter school, which is aimed at serving school-leavers, both from the US and from overseas. A large majority are Central Americans, but we have French speaking Africans and some South East Asians, and then in the English GED program, African-Americans. I know the kids very well and am a skilled musician (very good singer, sufficient piano and theory, percussion. Yes, that makes me a singer who can count.)

I have mapped out what I would like to do, but it sure would help to have some tools to rely on.

I have identified suitable free Apps, so they will all have keyboards and DAWs. And we have computers that we can use, although they are not touch-screen.

What I am looking for is guidance on how to pace introducing and reinforcing skills.

Specifically, I want to do singing, leading toward a couple of songs with simple SATB or (quite possibly) TTBB arrangem...See More

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