PE for JK


    I am providing prep coverage for a JK class this year and I
    am finding it difficult to program effectively for this
    class. There are 30 students with me in the gym and one EA
    who is essentially commmitted to the three most challenging
    students in the class. I have this class for a one hour
    period. I have at my disposal typical gym equipment (enough
    bean bags and tennis ball for each of them, some scoops and
    whiffle balls, some scooter boards, maybe a dozen hoola
    hoops, etc.). I tried centres, but they just go to
    whichever centre they want and have trouble with the
    concept of rotating to the next activity. There are so many
    of them that having them line up to take turns at an
    activity leads to frustration on their part. Any advice on
    how I can better program for this class would be