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Hello P.E. teachers and coaches!

I am hoping that some of you can provide me with some insights and/or resources for one of my P.E. classes. I am a special education teacher and one of the classes that I teach is Physical Education. In my P.E. class I have around 20 students, give or take a few, and like most P.E. classes, they have an array of abilities. Some of my students are in a wheelchair, some are non-verbal and they use other modes of communication, some have cognitive deficits and others have behavioural issues. I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE this class - it is often the best part of my day and I always look forward to it. Each year though, I struggle to come up with creative new games and activities that would benefit all my students. There are a few activities/games/sports that my students love, such as basketball and California kickball, and I will make adaptations and modifications to make the activity more interesting.

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