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Kai-Fu Lee, a longtime tech exec, confided to The New York Times that AI "will eliminate 40 percent of the world's jobs within 15 years."

Journalist Jim Hightower points out, "In their boardrooms and clubrooms, however, top executives see AI as their golden calf — a holy path to windfall profits and personal enrichment by replacing whole swaths of their workforce with an automated army of cheap machines."

Economist Richard Wolff tells us.


Every capitalist is always trying to make more money by saving on their labor costs. One capitalist does this by substituting machines for workers. Another capitalist does this by trying to get cheaper workers. Capitalist are always trying to save on labor, because they can make a better profit.

But here comes the contradiction! If all capitalist reduce the number of workers and/or the pay, what will result is the working people have less and less money, and if they have less money, they can't bu...See More

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