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I used to give my teachers a Happy Face Chart and they seemed to like it. It didn't require any reprimands and the students knew how they stood every day.

Each child had their name on the bulletin board with three happy faces next to it. Then a note folded up and a picture of a phone.

During the day, if they broke a rule like talking during a lesson, I would take down a happy face. They knew they only had two chances left. Later on, if they did something during rest room break, another was taken down. No words were exchanged. If I saw him push someone, our eyes met, and the last happy face was gone. He was getting a "Bad Note." If that Bad Note went down, he was going with me to call mom. Terror Time! We would get the Principal to watch the class and the class was the witness to the "Terror Time." When the child came up rubbing his eyes, the others just put their heads into their work, swearing they would never get to "Terror Time." The principal and I smiled and th...See More
Cath I'm sure for some people they may find success with this type of system and it may be beneficial to use as a temporary measure early in the year. I think it is over kill in most classes to use all the time though. The kids shouldn't need this kind of behavior management system once they have learned your expectations and routines. I would also be v...See More
Mar 18, 2009

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