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It's that time of year again when people start applying and interviewing for teaching jobs. This made me think back on the interviews I've had and the questions that were asked. There was a question I didn't expect at an interview for my first teaching job and therefore I had not prepared for it. I got to wondering, how many other teachers were asked a question they weren't prepared for or had never even thought of ? What was the question? How did they react? How did they answer it? I'd love to hear your stories on this. I'll get it started.

I was sitting in the interview for my first teaching job, it was just about over and I got asked one more question. "What should your principal do for you?" Oh man! I haven't really thought about that. Stay calm I'm thinking to myself. Where do I start? Don't let it show that you weren't prepared for this question; especially since it's the principal asking it! I composed my thoughts quickly and said, "My principal should be my supporter,...See More
Wow! You handled that well! No wonder they hired you! nfm
Apr 11, 2009
Marina I had to write an essay on the spot at the interview about how I can effectively teach minority/low socioeconomic students (it was a title 1 school with a lot of those students). I was not prepared to write an essay! Worse, they gave me a pen so I couldn't erase the mistakes my nervous mind made. I didn't get the job, but I got a job at another sch...See More
Apr 11, 2009

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