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So it's the last quarter of the year and I have run out of options with some of my students progress. I have one student who has an IEP and is seen for reading resource, OT, PT and speech. This student is behind the other first grade students but is making progress. Parents want this student held back in first grade. Also, this student struggles with the spelling. What should I do? I've followed the IEP and I feel that the progress that is being made is great; parents expect student to be at level with other students. How do I explain.

One student that I have struggles so much with reading. This student has already held back in Kinder and I've had an SST (Student Support Team) meeting and I have tried many different things to bring up the reading. What has me puzzled is this student is a great speller and spells almost every word correctly when writing indpendently in the journal. I'm stumped.

Another student that I have often breaks down when confronted with work th...See More

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