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I was the one posting earlier this summer asking about working in a catholic school. Actually, I worked in one for ten years before going to public school.

Turns out this situation did not pan out.

The day before I was supposed to report to this school, I emailed the principal, asking her about the agenda for the next day. Last time I had talked to her, less than a week before, she had told me to come September 13th.

I got an email response, a few hours email....not a phone call....not a personal conversation...she had decided to hire someone else instead. The principal had known for three days. I guess she was just going to inform me when I turned up the next day.

Never been treated with such disrespect in 35 years.
Jeannie I am sorry to hear about your situation. Common decency seems to have fallen by the wayside. I volunteered in a private school and for volunteers, all was good. However, for the staff, not so much. The problem is in some situations, the administrators are accountable to no one. I saw several great teachers leave because of the principal. It's sad. ...See More
Jul 13, 2016

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