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Dear fellow educatotrs:

I want to invite you to my Facebook Page called "Not Just A Substitute". On this page I talk about my experiences as a sub, ahem, (well I call myself a Visiting Teacher instead of a substitute teacher) and I also talk about things that irritate me about the way teachers and visiting teachers are being treated in the SYSTEM. My views are also on the NYCDOE Facebook page and on DOCS.COM. I talk about how the system empowers the students so much that the hands of the teachers are tied. We are constantly walking on eggshells and thrown under the bus by the students, parents and the administrative staff. I hope you'll visit and read some of my posts. They are not "itty bitty" posts. I am long winded, but I can assure you that what I say is worthwhile. You can also put in your two cents. I speak straight from the shoulder. Thanks.

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