Re: How is a community college professor's salary determined

    Wait so you make how much a year as a Community College

    On 6/10/09, rw wrote:
    > Hi Carl, When you're working at multiple college part-time,
    > pay is typically $1500-2500 a course or so.
    > I am currently working for 3 colleges. I can make about $30K
    > fairly easily but that's without benefits, so after paying for
    > my own health insurance and retirement it's more like $20K.
    > On 6/07/09, Carl wrote:
    >> I am currently trying to find out information in my home
    >> state, CO, about teaching at the community college level.
    >> I'm just not sure how the salary would be determined. I do
    >> expect to start/stay part time, and may split my time
    >> amongst colleges.
    >> So, what can I expect from this prospect?
    >> Thanks,
    >> Carl