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Teaching is a professional job and it is also a job that requires you to be the adult and mature one in any situation. If their is a student who you think has a crush on you and is giving you uncomfortable vibes, flirting or etc. With you talk to your boss (or principle) about it on a regular basis and tell them what's going on. If it gets to the point you don't want this student around you anymore then you should tell them in a professional way. Make sure you tell your boss everything hat your going to say and have an eye witness in the room just checking. This is what you could say:

For example:

Hi Jane I would like to speak with you. I think that your a really great student and I am not accusing you of doing anything. I'm not hear to talk about personal feelings. I have a profession and it's teaching. In my job if I feel like my job is in jeopardy I have to do certain things to ensure my job. I'm not saying your doing anything to my job but if I get u...See More

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