Re: Remembering Student Names

    Go out of your way to get to know your students. The more you can
    get to know them the better you will do at remembering their
    names. It helps if you can have them write an Introductory Letter
    to you and tell them something about themselves and why they are
    taking the course. You'll then associate the name with the
    motivations they have.

    On 6/29/09, bernoulli wrote:
    > I have trouble remember names also. But sometimes I break them
    > them up into groups or teams then take pictures of each team to
    > post in Blackboard along with their names. I do that and print
    > off a color copy and keep it in my class folder.
    > On 6/27/09, SSpil wrote:
    >> I am teaching a community college class in the fall and I am
    >> embarrassed to admit that remembering names is not a gift I
    >> possess. Currently there are 27 students signed up for the
    >> class with a possibility of 44. I know it's not as crucial
    >> to learn the names of all my students in a college level
    >> class as if I were teaching small children, but I do think
    >> it shows some respect for my students and fosters a good
    >> learning environment. Does anyone have tips or suggestions
    >> how I can make this easier for myself?