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I've been doing a lot of thinking about teaching lately. I decided to clean out my professional literature and get rid of the texts I don't use. That amounted to a LOT of books (don't worry, I kept all the ones I love, LOL). I was going to put them in the staff room as freebies, but 2 teachers new to our school took them all before I could get them there.

I'll admit I was fearful that what is important to me would be important to no one else, but I was wrong. So, I got to thinking about this board. So many of the books I perused (some keeping, some giving away) are books we've discussed here. I guess this is my way of saying I miss our discussions.

I'm still working every day to be a better teacher. Even though I'm considering retiring in another 2 years, I'm still buying children's literature and writing new units of study.

Anybody wanna bring back ProfReadings?

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brad I stopped by this board for the first time in forever and saw this post.

I recently went through all of my professional books as well. I sold them to a local bookstore. Now I'm hoping they will make some other new teachers happy, like they did for me so long ago.

I kept many of the stalwarts though, Mosaic, STW, etc., some becau...See More
Jul 6, 2014
Terry coming home. I just posted a little piece on my blog and talked about my days here. I have been visiting the twitter/google world, and it is just not the same. Nothing compares to what I found from our chats and email groups. Like you Judy, I still try to grow, learn and become better. I hope that never stops.

I have not gotten...See More
Jul 9, 2014
michelle3or Hi Judy, and Hi All!

some of you oldies may remember me.. I used to teach 3rd grade in Oregon and post here some 12 years ago or so. I haven't been here in a longggg time. for lots of reasons. The main reason is that 8 years ago I became an elementary Library/Media Specialist after my Literacy Coordinator position was eliminated...right ar...See More
Aug 22, 2015
michelle3or I wasn't thinking... lost my train of thought about what the original post was
Aug 22, 2015
michelle3or I still have about a thousand children's books in boxes in my garage. It's so hard to weed my babies. Last summer I even donated about a hundred to Goodwill. The professional books, I still have them in my home office. They are like trophies, almost. They really helped shape the teacher I became and am proud to still be. I gave some of the "le...See More
Aug 22, 2015

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