Re: Daily 5 and Middle School

    On 4/21/11, LB wrote:
    > Does anyone here implement the Daily 5 program into their
    > middle school language arts and reading class? If you do,
    > how do you implement it? Thanks!

    I am in my second year of using the Daily 5 format for a
    reading intervention with 6 - 8th graders. We have had good
    success in increasing their reading scores with the format. I
    actually only use Read to Self because I have the students 40
    minutes a day for 3 - 6 weeks depending on their reading
    scores. The students like the choice of reading material and
    spot to read. Each day I do a mini-lesson following the Word
    Identification Strategy from the University of Kansas. I do
    progress monitoring several times during each session and use
    that data to plan my mini-lessons.