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leae, someone please explain the three Tiers that I've been hearing about. How does this fit into DIBELS, AIMSweb, and reading skils? Is Tier 1 the same as strategic?
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~~~~~~ ours has ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On 5/17/09, :-) wait til your district demands the "math workshop model wrote: > On 5/16/09, Kinder Gal wrote: >> I had a feeling that is what the 3 tiers were about. What you >> just wrote perfectly described this past year. What a >> nightmare! In our RF program, we had 90 minutes of direct >> instruction which began wi...See More
Oct 14, 2009
GO AWAY, RTI & NCLB & Dibels!!!!!!! Will education ever be the way it used to be & students learning like they used to?!
Oct 18, 2009
Amen to that! On 10/18/09, GO AWAY, RTI & NCLB & Dibels!!!!!!! wrote: > Will education ever be the way it used to be & students learning like they > used to?!

Our jobs as teachers will never be the same! I'm all for helping the struggling child but don't tell me I have to DIBEL every kid to find the ones that need help. What happen to ...See More
Oct 20, 2009
Kinder Gal I have quite a group of youngsters that I am struggling to work with. My day is 90 minutes of reading, 40 min of math interventions. Then lunch/recess, math, phonics, and we are supposed to do 30 min of reading intervention with the lowest kids. I have way to many to put into one group...yet not enough time to put them into 2 groups. I have a para ...See More
Oct 20, 2009
Math Gal You sound relatively negative and overwhelmed, and really aren't seeing the positive for youngsters in all of this reform. Is there any particular reason that you are teaching? clearly you don't like it and, frankly, you give the rest of us a bad image. So, please, consider another profession.

On 10/20/09, Kinder Gal wrote: > I have qui...See More
Mar 3, 2010

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