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This program does not belong in the middle schools unless it is paired with best practice including but not limited to Common Assessments driven by state bench marks. Middle school kids sitting on a rug in a secondary setting does not promote growth and maturity socially or emotionally. Some students continue baby talk along with immature behaviors and I believe treating them like elementary students is NOT conducive to overall growth. This program is not necessary to achieve a love for books and deeper understandings of text. Fountas and Pinnell should NOT be a sole curriculum.
Katanya I agree! My problem is not only using Fountas and Pinnell in middle school but also with middle school ESL students! I am not happy with the books offered at the ability levels! My ESL students deserve mutual respect! To push them to use books that are really "babyish," for them to read is so disrespectful. These kids are new to our country and sho...See More
Aug 29, 2017

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