Re: DRA reading level at start of 1st grade

    at my school, the average 1st grader comes into 1st grade reading a
    DRA of a 4. By the end of 1st grade he/she should be at a 14
    (although 16 is really what is best). To start 2nd grade, we look
    at a student reading at a 16 at the beginning of the year and a 24-
    28 at the end of 2nd grade.

    If I had a first grader reading a 16, I would be totally happy.
    But then I teach Title 1, and have first graders who are at level A-
    1 even now in December.

    Sara S.

    On 10/22/10, Bump wrote:
    > I don't usually let them move on from level 11- 12+, until I
    > ensure that they have good comprehension of what they have read,
    > and can read it fluently with good phrasing and expression. I
    > had a group of readers that came into grade one last year,
    > level 24-25, that were the most fluent, lovely readers I have
    > ever heard, but they didn't understand a thing. So we basically
    > stayed at that same level throughout the year, working on
    > comprehension. There isn't much point on them going much
    > that anyway, as the content becomes much more mature, and
    > contains things that I would not want my 6 year old reading.
    > On 8/27/10, Amy Kelley wrote:
    >> On 9/15/09, Amy wrote:
    >>> My daughter just started 1st grade and brought home a book
    >>> to read from school that was a level 16. She read it with
    >>> very minimal problems. What is expected at this point in
    >>> 1st grade?
    >> Hello,my son has done the same thing.He is reading level 16 1
    >> week into first grade.I am wondering how things progress when
    >> they are ahead of what there supposed to be reading.Any
    >> response would be helpful.