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My new principal gave me an unannounced Leverage Leadership. The next day she brought her boss and I had my teacher rep with me. She accused me of telling a student his work was garbage, then I crumpled his paper up and tossed it in the garbage according to her. I told the student he wasted his time by drawing a picture during independent reading time, I took the paper, and added it to the finished work of the others as he had written a friendly letter on the other side.I was annoyed with him but it wasn't yelling or angry. I have the uncrumpled paper in my classroom. I explained this but she wants to give me extra Leverage Leaderships as she things I'm ineffective apparently. These things aren't supposed to be evaluative are they. Isn't the point to give positive feedback and help develop a teacher to become better? I'm a 19 year veteran teacher.

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