Re: Great Activities 4 Teaching Government + US & World Hist

    Thanks for the tip. I just checked out the site and it looks
    pretty good. I'll probably try one of the parts of the gov't
    series to see how I like it and will report back.

    On 10/26/11, Joseph wrote:
    > I wanted to share something that has been great for me as a
    > someone who teaches government. I'm currently using a
    > program called "Lessons on American Government"
    > (reproducible lessons published by Learning Center USA) in
    > my classes. It has been a tremendous help. You can use
    > these materials exclusively throughout the year, or you can
    > mix in the lessons with some of your own ideas. I use it
    > right along with the textbook, but there's also a lot of
    > information in the lessons themselves. I'd be lost without
    > this stuff.
    > If you go to and click on "American
    > Government" you can get more info. I'd highly recommend
    > checking it out if you're in need of a great resource for
    > teaching US government. You don't have to buy the whole
    > program (there are 7 parts/lesson books)....although I did
    > because that way you can get it on CD and it covers the
    > whole course. Without a doubt, it's the best money I've
    > ever spent for my classroom. These lessons do a great job
    > of keeping my students awake and involved during class.
    > There are also other programs available for US history,
    > world history, etc. If anyone actually benefits from this
    > recommendation, I'd be interested to know.