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We have been working hard to create an educational app that uses the magic of tablets and 3D graphics to make learning engaging for young children.

Learnia teaches Spelling and (full curriculum Common Core) Maths to grade 1, 2 and 3 . (Think ixl but fun)

We love teachers and this is Learnia's first full school year. This is why we offer teachers (& an unlimited number of their students) full access until August 2019 at no cost whatsoever.


how to register as teacher (no credit card required):


EducationalAppStore (5/5) Its 3D graphics are used intelligently by its well-constructed learning activities.

TheIMums (4.5/5) Learnia combines the best of mobile gaming and digital learning in one app.

BestAppsForKids (4/5) A very high-quality app that young children will enjoy.

3 mins introduction video:

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