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Tonight I want to quit. We are asked to teach less and less, we can't teach grammar anymore, we can't do vocabulary list, we can't teach the house, we can't teach body parts with monsters. We have no midterm exams, most students don't take the finals. We have to be 90% of the time on the target language, but we assess in English, we have SPED students with no support, cell phones are rampant and the policies are no existent. Writing referrals means you have classroom management. Failing students is a no-no. One admin thinks students learn even if they talk, another admin notes there was a side conversation at the back of the class while you are upfront doing backflips to make sure no students fall asleep. Meanwhile, Johnny put his Bluetooth earbud in again and listens to music. Students are placed to the following level when they earn a D. Nothing should be presented unless it's meaningful to the teen students. We should not be teaching family members because not everybody has a family...See More
Sra. Lahti It's been a while since you've posted this, but I get it. Thankfully stuff isn't quite that bad at our school, but there are certainly issues. You're not alone. I wish I could give you some great advice as to how to handle this and make it "all better,: but all I can offer is an "I feel for you.' Hang in there...
Dec 9, 2017

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