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A little background: the question if from a test over preterite or imperfect, some kids forgot to close a window and it rained a lot and flooded the basement.

Question: _______ (llover) durante varias horas...

Llovia or should it be it be llovio?!?!?! I interpreted "durante muchas horas" as an ongoing action with no real beginning or ending (vague) but could "durante muchas horas" be considered an enclosed amount time making it preterite?!?!? And why not use "por" if it is preterite?
Daniel Hanson It could be either one, depending on the emphasis the speaker is giving. Without more context (without seeing the entire story), I would naturally put "llovia" first because it is merely to describe what the weather was like during the story. "Llovio" implies an end to the rain and the emphasis is on the period of time.

Regarding "por", in...See More
Oct 16, 2017

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