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(and overall grading work/providing feedback)

I know this seems like a basic question, but I often don't feel like I am doing this correctly. I want to maximize my instructional time in class. I also want to do activities that are more effective (i.e., effective use of that instructional time). My district has a fast pacing guide and we are on block (4x4 block) with around 74 instructional days more or less per course / class term. So, I question the effectiveness of spending time going over class work and homework as an entire class. However, I question not going over answers as a class because that might increase student buy-in to do the work, increase the classroom rigor (i.e., the students put more effort into their work—the less focused students, that is), and maybe provide more relevance. There is also the issue of students tuning out when the class is going over answers as a class (i.e., the teacher calls on individual students to say their answers or come up to the f...See More

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