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I was a teacher assistant in a great Charter School in Philadelphia that has an Spanish Immersion Program called Independence Charter School, a Blue Ribbon School in South Philly. I only did it for one year for maternity reasons. Never got the certification in Philly. Now after almost 8 years i moved to Houston and has been considering to get certified as a Spanish teacher considering the year calendar and the benefits and the payment . Which program is better the Bilingual Educators or the Texas Teachers of Tomorrow?, I am 46 and a single mom, I would like to know if as everybody says the job market for Spanish teachers is that big and which are the obstacles i will face. The School District in Philly can get you in with only 9 credits an emergency certification while you are continuing with the classes, but they mostly place you in the worst school in Philly where there is disruption and polices with metal detectors, and to get transfer to another School District is not that easy.

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