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I have been using Quizlet in my classroom for homework, but have noticed that some students don't get green checks when they complete Flash Cards. I have checked the following: Data is on, no current updates, "Study Again" button has been hit and they haven't gone through the cards too fast. I have even done Flash Cards on their phones with their accounts and no check appears on the administrative side. I like the options that Quizet offers, but it has become a job to manage the bugs in the application. Any suggestions for another application with the same options would be appreciated.

For those who use Quia, are there only games or can you create flash cards as well? Can you track to see who has completed a set by some type of check like the green check on Quizlet?


katrinacox Tell students to make sure they sign in and "enter" your classroom. If your post is open, they could play it without logging in. I have had this happen. I take a grade for participation if they do all of the facets of Quizlet to practice. If they are not logged in, it doesn't show up that they did it.
Apr 6, 2018

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