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I'm an American here helping to recruit teachers for awesome positions in China!

Whether you like teaching at kindergartens, training centers, or test prep centers, many positions are open:

1) Beijing- incomes in excess of 25K CNY/month, a rent stipend, and annual flight ticket teaching at kindergartens.

2) Zhengzhou- SAT instructors needed. NO OFFICE HOURS. Get over 28k CNY/month including salary, accommodation, and other perks.

3) Shenzhen- 18-20k educating young adults in English and possible test preparation including IELTS, TOEFL. Kindergarden jobs also available.

4) Shenzhen, Shanghai, and numerous other cities. Be your own boss. Teach great kids at their homes, have no office hours, and make 14-22k depending on experience and ability.

5) Shanghai- Make over 22k and work your own hours during the week. Work for a renowned institution with 15 centers just in Shanghai alone!

6) Guangzhou- 19-22k. Unlike everyone in...See More

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