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Ideas on inspiring students to achieve goals?
how I motivate students to learn Abandon all of the fads passed around as the new way to teach. Teach from the heart, showing your passion for the subject, and teach thoroughly and deeply, so that students can't help but fall in love with your class. Students see through "the bull" that is peddled in schools today: (ex.) think-pair-share groups, word walls, rubrics and g...See More
Apr 12, 2015
coyoteboy On 4/12/15, Delia Robles wrote: > Ideas on inspiring students to achieve goals?

You can't motivate someone else to achieve YOUR goals. You can only try to motivate people to achieve their own goals.

Grades are not really motivating for most students, except for those few who would be self motivated anyway.

One thing ...See More
Apr 13, 2015
Wendy S. On 4/12/15, Delia Robles wrote: > Ideas on inspiring students to achieve goals?

Have them set smaller short-term goals and celebrate their achievement along their way to the bigger, long-term goal. Give them a visual of a path or road with the long-term goal waiting at the end. That way they can see the bigger picture.
Oct 1, 2015
Melissa Garcia If the goals are grades-oriented, keeping a positive attitude will really help with student motivation. I recently saw a TED talk where the teacher motivated her students by using what they saw as their own "failure" as motivation to continue improving. If a student gets a low score on a test, instead of letting that number bring their spirits down...See More
Apr 23, 2018

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