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There are lots of reasons why teachers are considered to be great. Greatness may be determined by your amount of degrees or years of experience, your presence in the classroom, the grade average of your students, your contributions to your school community or your dedication to the craft. There is not one general definition of what makes a ‘great’ teacher because there are too many variables and characteristics that can be identified as ‘great’ or embody what teachers strive for.

What is unclear is why some ‘great’ teachers aren’t being hired. If they are committed to their pedagogy and promise to pour their hearts and souls into their classrooms, then why are these teachers unemployed? For these teachers who remain jobless, they experience feelings of pressure, frustration and self-doubt: How can I be so passionate about student learning and global education, yet I can’t find a job?

Teachers are regularly overlooked in domestic markets for a variety o...See More

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