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Just an update to say that I, too, have been subbing a lot since the first day of school. I have jobs lined up for November and December, too. I believe part of the reason I'm in such demand is because retired teachers now make the same amount of subbing money as people like me do. It seems unfair to me, but I'm glad to be in such demand.

I'm still feeling good even though I was just diagnosed with chronic kidney disease 2 and sleep apnea. Working on getting those under control as best as I can.

Over the summer, I combined all of the poems I wrote after my mother died into books, along with some other poems I wrote and the story of my mother's life. It was a fun, but sometimes frustrating, summer project.

Tomorrow, I have the third day of subbing for a particular elem. school music teacher - grades 5 & 6. I hope all goes well. Then there's the weekend. Yay!

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