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Today, I subbed for a teacher who left virtually no lesson plans. No Sub binder, or other info.

As I'm explaining the class assignment to a group of Middle Schoolers, I find that I'm talking over a pair of people in the room. One was obviously a student, the other was dressed like one. When I sternly told them to keep quiet, one of them replied with "I'm trying to help him- I'm on the staff here".

Well dear para: It would have helped if you HAD INTRODUCED YOURSELF to me at the beginning of the period. It would have helped if you HAD WORN YOUR STAFF ID BADGE instead of having it in your pocket! And if those previous thoughts of mine don't make sense, whatever happened to common courtesy? i.e. someone is talking before you entered the room implies that you keep quiet?

You're "on the staff". So is the custodian!

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