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I am an older teacher. I have been on our campus since it opened 14 years ago. I have been teaching in my district for 22 years. I am at the top of my salary schedule. I started teaching late, so I am "older", no doubt about it.

The younger, more energetic teachers are losing their positions due to budget cutbacks, losing 20-1, etc.

I am feeling the pressure (I don't intend to give into it) that I am taking their job. I also am feeling pressure from some "middle" aged teachers that our school should go charter. I know that would make me vulnerable to cut-backs.

I heard a week or so ago that young teachers should have the jobs because they deserve them. They are trying to do good for the community, children, etc.

The union is the only part of education that recognizes that I went into teaching to make a difference. I have stayed in teaching more than 5 years, and I do care about kids and the community. What about being "older" makes my desire to teac...See More
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anon Your idea wouldn't work, first of all because unions are supposed to represent ALL teachers, not pick and choose. Second and most important, the "lousy" teachers invariably become principals, other administrators, or work in the administrative building to get as far away from children as possible.

In theory, unions are a good idea, but in...See More
Oct 27, 2011
Unions do occasionally revoke people's membership I've never heard of it happening in a teachers' union, though. I know that in some of the building industry unions, if a member takes a job on a non-union site, or crosses a picket line, that person is indeed at risk of being booted out of the union altogether.

And if the teachers' unions represent all members, why would members be having ...See More
Oct 27, 2011
anon I think you will find very few "bad apples" in education, for most of them end up with cushy jobs outside of the classroom. Besides, who determines who is a "bad apple," apart from those who commit crimes? The principal, the person least fit to be evaluating teachers.

On 10/27/11, Unions do occasionally revoke people's membership wrote: &...See More
Oct 28, 2011
Reality Wow, you want the UNION to do a LOT while collecting no dues, eh? Tenure is one thing, UNION membership is another. IN a real union (one with collective bargaining rights!) members have a variety of benefits. Whether they are tenured or not. Of course the scope and effectiveness of this varies local to local. But those newbie teachers have a vote a...See More
Aug 3, 2012
anon "Competence" has nothing to do with it in terms of getting rid of teachers. In fact, administrative law is so full of holes principals can get rid of anybody they want. Districts can and do manipulate the legal process, and teachers have NO recourse whatsoever.

"Tenure" is better than nothing, but let's not pretend teachers have any real ...See More
Aug 6, 2012

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