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What is happening now in New York is a fight to save public education from those who wish to take away what the little piece of pie that we educators have carved for ourselves over the last half a century. If the Mayor succeeds in laying off teachers when money is really available, the privateers will win. Most NYC teachers went into education as a calling. We want no profit, but only to retire with a little bit of dignity after 30 or more years of serving the needs of all students. On the other hand, those like Eva Moscowitz, run charter schools only for personal gain and see students as a mean to personal enrichment. It was sad to watch five-year-old Afro-American kids being used in an orchestrated protest against an NAACP lawsuit whose only goal is to ask for educational equity among public and charter schools. If a public school would have closed down to attend a political rally during a school day, heads would have rolled. But now there is only silence in the media over this farce...See More

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