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I am a retired teacher from Iowa, but still volunteer and substitute part time. I have discovered a Once In A Life Time Travel Opportunity to Paris and Rome for about $850., plus Meals and Entertainment. This Trip is offered by a reputable Travel agency; the price includes R/T Airfare, Hotels and a flight from Rome to Paris. The Price starts at $829.00. The Euro (while it lasts) is the closest to the dollar in value as it has ever been! This package is based on Double Occupancy, that is 2 people in a hotel room ( separate beds of course). Would you love to Visit Paris and Rome for this incredible price? No one I know is inspired by History and adventure enough to go on this trip, Are there any other teachers or like kind out there that may love this as much, and possibly want to be a travel buddy for this 8 day trip this spring? Dates are flexible, but the closed to May, the higher the price. I would like to go in March or April. This trip is not associated with any particular school, ...See More
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dansleau Hey! My comment may not be entirely on topic :) but if you are interested, you can read some horoscopes about traveling during the spring months. Here is a good site that I reccomend https://horoscopelovemoney.com/
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