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Hey everyone! First time posting here but very excited. I recently got a job offer abroad and honestly never thought I’d actually take it, but in a big turn of events I did! I moved to London two weeks ago after living and teaching in California most of my life. I’m a bit nervous I must confess. Starting in a new school in the middle of November was as complicated as you’d imagine, I had to jump in to fill shoes from day one while still having some trouble getting accustomed to the weather. I’m a guidance counselor, so the work is not all that different, I know how to help students, specially with college apps right around the corner. But its still really hard to try and adapt to the new place while learning the ropes of the new school. I was wondering if anyone here had any insight on this? Particularly in how I should handle the move, things I should try, etc. I’m loving London, its like a dream actually working here, but I want to make sure I won’t regret this choice com...See More
haha Hi. This board is generally pretty dead. You are better off checking out more active forums like International School Review and TES (UK based).

You are there so you must have figured out a lot of things already (and London is amazing. Some people do the int'l circuit for a few years and then go back to their home country while others make...See More
Dec 14, 2016

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