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I teach 3rd grade in Oklahoma. 3rd graders have to pass the end of the year test and here we are at Christmas and I have 3 out of 9 students projected to pass. (We use Star Reading as a benchmark and this is where the projection comes from.) I have no help what so ever from our special education department. I need kids tested for IEP's, but the school I'm employed at is not exactly the most competent. My reading block is 90 minutes. I have no kids being pulled out. (Goes back to the competency of the school). I am required to teach out of a basal. I have no clue where to start to change my schedule to get more one on one time with my struggling students. My school has no aids so my other students have to be doing something also. I want to incorporate small groups, centers, or something to help more one on one. My question for other 3rd grade teachers is how does your weekly schedule look teaching reading?

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